Our Core

Discretionary Management

Wealth management goes beyond financial skills; it is, above all, about dialogue and listening. At GADD, each client has a dedicated and readily available wealth manager who takes into account their expectations and designs investment solutions tailored to their needs.

The strength of a personalised relationship

When you decide to entrust your assets to a third party, the initial exchanges are vital. These meetings help map the situation, identify needs, and set objectives and performance targets. An overall vision is particularly important as it enables the construction of a portfolio that perfectly matches the requirements set.

A personalised allocation of assets

When clients opt for a discretionary mandate, GADD takes care of the asset management. The manager maintains regular contact with the client and informs them with complete transparency about actions taken and opportunities. Particular care is devoted to asset allocation. In line with the established parameters – relating to risk tolerance, present and future liquidity requirements and place of residence, amongst others – GADD selects the most appropriate products so that all clients may enjoy their wealth, while at the same time making it grow.

Our values

Aligning actions with words is an objective GADD’s management strives to achieve every day. This objective, underpinned by strong values, is embodied by the employees who remain completely committed to their customers’ interests.


Maintaining freedom of choice means remaining master of your own destiny. A strong and independent company, GADD looks for the most suitable investment opportunities, while taking into account its customers’ best interests. Quick decision-making, independent advice and high flexibility are hallmarks of its structure and autonomy.


Financial professions require constant vigilance. GADD rigorously maintains on-going risk monitoring, as well as management consistent with the objectives that have been set, while respecting strict ethical criteria in terms of investments.


Designing personalised solutions for each client requires an open mind, a constant curiosity and a profound understanding of market trends. These principles fuel creativity, which is further stimulated by the frequent exchanges of views between managers.


In every relationship of trust, mutual understanding is essential. Therefore, we maintain regular, in-depth dialogue with all clients, to inform them of our investment choices, portfolio evolution and performance. We have implemented a clear pricing policy for transactions, management and administration. Our reporting is thorough and transparent; this helps increase understanding and encourages discussion.

Our Vision

GADD provides tailor-made advice to its clients. Responsibility, the quest for high performance and a dedication to growth are all integral parts of its vision of the profession.


Managing client assets calls for rigour, moderation and commitment. This responsibility, which lies with all GADD employees, is reinforced by the fact that the company is structured on the partnership model. It is a sense of responsibility expressed by the focus on human contact, the very foundation of management professions.


Strong performance is not just about exceeding a benchmark. It is the result of a combination of factors, such as the stability of results, the capacity to protect wealth, and a sound personal relationship. Developing additional competencies, products and services, in order to remain aligned with the interests of each client, also drives performance.


For GADD, business development is both an instrument of growth and a means to improve its services. It is also working to get closer to its home markets in order to develop their potential. Equally, the company is focusing on increasing its visibility within its target markets and amongst financial market operators.