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With a thirty year history, this brand represents a generation. It is equally our test of time, because good wealth management can only be achieved over the long-term.

1989 Foundation of GADD & Co by Staffan Gadd, Christer Hegardt and Cristofer Gelli
1997 Opening of GADD Capital Management Gibraltar

Opening of GADD Luxembourg branch

Appointment of Birgitta Thonning as Director and Senior Portfolio Manager. Responsible for the establishment of the Luxembourg branch as well as marketing of the company’s services and the portfolio management

2008 Gibraltar activities are merged with Luxembourg activities
2010 Opening of a representation office in Stockholm
2012 Nomination of Pierre Dochen, Managing Director of Gadd Luxembourg
2013 Nomination of Christer Hegardt as the President of the Board of Directors
2014 10th anniversary of Gadd & Cie Luxembourg with Mr Gramegna, Finance Minister

Nomination of Bernard Felten as the President of the Board of Directors

Appointment of Bart Joseph as senior portfolio manager


Appointment of Aumea Partner as external auditor

Appointment of Johan Nordström as CIO of the Company





Creation of Gadd & Cie Luxembourg, branch of Meyrin/Geneva

Appointment of Helena Bjäringer as senior portfolio manager at our branch of Meyrin/Geneva