GADD provides tailor-made advice to its clients. Responsibility, the quest for high performance and a dedication to growth are all integral parts of its vision of the profession.


Managing client assets calls for rigour, moderation and commitment. This responsibility, which lies with all GADD employees, is reinforced by the fact that the company is structured on the partnership model. It is a sense of responsibility expressed by the focus on human contact, the very foundation of management professions.


Strong performance is not just about exceeding a benchmark. It is the result of a combination of factors, such as the stability of results, the capacity to protect wealth, and a sound personal relationship. Developing additional competencies, products and services, in order to remain aligned with the interests of each client, also drives performance.


For GADD, business development is both an instrument of growth and a means to improve its services. It is also working to get closer to its home markets in order to develop their potential. Equally, the company is focusing on increasing its visibility within its target markets and amongst financial market operators.