Valeurs wealth management


Aligning actions with words is an objective GADD’s management strives to achieve every day. This objective, underpinned by strong values, is embodied by the employees who remain completely committed to their customers’ interests.


Maintaining freedom of choice means remaining master of your own destiny. A strong and independent company, GADD looks for the most suitable investment opportunities, while taking into account its customers’ best interests. Quick decision-making, independent advice and high flexibility are hallmarks of its structure and autonomy.


Financial professions require constant vigilance. GADD rigorously maintains on-going risk monitoring, as well as management consistent with the objectives that have been set, while respecting strict ethical criteria in terms of investments.


Designing personalised solutions for each client requires an open mind, a constant curiosity and a profound understanding of market trends. These principles fuel creativity, which is further stimulated by the frequent exchanges of views between managers.


In every relationship of trust, mutual understanding is essential. Therefore, we maintain regular, in-depth dialogue with all clients, to inform them of our investment choices, portfolio evolution and performance. We have implemented a clear pricing policy for transactions, management and administration. Our reporting is thorough and transparent; this helps increase understanding and encourages discussion.