Investment process

Generating performance is more a question of a relevant and diversified asset allocation strategy than of the selection of one fund in particular. By implementing open architecture into our portfolio construction process we can identify the best investment opportunities.

Tracking trends

Based on an intimate knowledge of the markets, GADD’s investment philosophy favours a top-down approach. By first seeking to understand the overall macro-economic trends, we are then able to select investments adapted to each customer’s profile.

Comparing and exchanging ideas

GADD’s managers rely on their years of experience as well as on the financial advice and research of reputable and independent experts. Comparing and exchanging ideas leads to strong convictions on investments, which are then refined by applying a rigorous process of quantitative and qualitative selection.

Optimising portfolios

Investment choices and decisions, and asset allocation are constantly monitored and reviewed in light of market developments. The strategic allocation is thus re-evaluated and adapted on a monthly basis, and the tactical allocation on a weekly basis.