Gestion discrétionnaire

Discretionary management

Wealth management goes beyond financial skills; it is, above all, about dialogue and listening. At GADD, each client has a dedicated and readily available wealth manager who takes into account their expectations and designs investment solutions tailored to their needs.

The strength of a personalised relationship

When you decide to entrust your assets to a third party, the initial exchanges are vital. These meetings help map the situation, identify needs, and set objectives and performance targets. An overall vision is particularly important as it enables the construction of a portfolio that perfectly matches the requirements set.

A personalised allocation of assets

When clients opt for a discretionary mandate, GADD takes care of the asset management. The manager maintains regular contact with the client and informs them with complete transparency about actions taken and opportunities. Particular care is devoted to asset allocation. In line with the established parameters – relating to risk tolerance, present and future liquidity requirements and place of residence, amongst others – GADD selects the most appropriate products so that all clients may enjoy their wealth, while at the same time making it grow.