(+352) 26 26 74 1 info@gadd.lu

Any complaint may be addressed in writing to the head office of the company.
The person responsible for complaints to Gadd & Cie Luxembourg S.A. is Mr Pierre Dochen (email address: p.dochen@gadd.lu – Tel: +352 26 26 74 1).
The Complaints procedure can be obtained free of charge and upon request, by writing to info@gadd.lu.

Conflict Of Interests

GCL provides services regulated by laws and regulations in Luxembourg. This might result in conflicts of interest between GCL and clients or related parties.

Remuneration Policy

The vision of GADD & Cie Luxembourg S.A. is to build a close and long-lasting relationship with the clients by bringing excellence, dialogue and trust..

Best Execution Policy

As GCL does not execute the client’s orders directly in the sense of the CSSF Circular 07/302i, GCL transmits and delegates the execution of orders to the client’s depositary bank.

GCL Conditions Générales

Les présentes s’appliquent à toutes les relations commerciales entre le Client et GADD & Cie Luxembourg SA (GADD)..

Personal Data Protection Policy

Gadd & Cie Luxembourg SA has updated its data protection policy in order to provide you with greater transparency about the personal data in our possession, about their use and about the control you can exercise over your personal data.