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Advisory management

Investing today requires an in-depth knowledge of markets and financial instruments. It is a complex universe that is sometimes difficult to navigate. GADD offers its clients expert advice in order to broaden their investment horizons and give them new investment ideas.

Active management

For clients who wish to be more actively involved in the management of their assets and make their own investment decisions, we provide a personalised investment service, which supports them in their decision-making. By opting for a mandate of this type, clients benefit not only from the expertise of an experienced manager, but also from the financial research of our large network of independent consultants.

In touch with the markets

Within this framework, we follow developments in the markets on a daily basis to identify the overall trends and to find the asset classes that are likely to generate performance over time. While concentrating on key themes, we also select the best managers and most competitive products, in order to be a strong source of new investment proposals for each client.